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Since I got back from my holiday, I am trying to catch up with my work and try all new ideas that appeared during summer. It’s hard to find time for all, but step by step I managed to finish some old work.


Oil on canvas, 40 x 40 cm.

Before winter

48_Before winter

That was a long break again. First holiday and sailing on a barquentine in Italy! Than travel to Spain for over two weeks as a part of my job. Good to catch some sun but I was missing painting so much! And then it is not easy to finish some old work after a month. The idea is no longer so bright. But nothing is worse than to get stuck in the middle so I decided to finish it as a training. It helps to clear my mind. Maybe one day I will start from the beginning, but now I can focus on new ideas 🙂


I am coming back after long break with first winter picture this year 🙂 It’s busy now, and a lot of things to do and to plan, many ideas to paint, so no time to waste!